Catching Purple

- the band biography

In the beginning, there was SOUND...NOTHING but sound! Then ...there was DEEP PURPLE!!!
...and nothing else.Then came CATCH' PURPLE...and it was GOOD!!!

CATCH' PURPLE was founded in May 1999 around the nucleus Jean-Claude Meunier (guitar), Gary Evans (bass guitar) and Benoît Martiny (drums) as a tribute band to DEEP PURPLE.
The biggest problem, in those days, consisted in finding a vocalist with a 'Gillan-Coverdale'-esque voice, as well as an organ player with the necessary capabilities and equipment.

   After several years of trials, setbacks and a heavy blow (in memoriam Stefan Diez), the vacant post of the singer fell between the vocal chords (not to say the hands!) of Freddy Seghetto. He does NOT need to hide in the face of the two prodigal rock monsters Ian Gillan and David Coverdale (singers of Deep Purple) or diverse other rock singers, considering not only his voice. He surely didn't obtain his nickname "The Scream" (given by a member of his previous band "Aimin' High") for nothing!

   Concerning the organist, the group was lucky enough to meet Detlef 'Doc Hammond' Schaab, from Maring-Noviand (Eifel) in Germany. Interesting about him is, that"Doc" never played in a rock band before, but made his career in many "Big Bands" and orchestras in Germany. Today, it goes without saying, that without "Doc"'s musical knowledge and his HAMMOND B2 organ, it would be very difficult for the band to achieve its initial goal, that is to reproduce the DEEP PURPLE sound of the Seventies.

   Anotherchange took place in 2004, when Benoît Martiny announced his intention to leave the band so as to pursue his Jazz studies and career.Through Detlef, the band found him a worthy successor in Christian Pomplun, also from Maring-Noviand, friend of the "Doc". He's a very tall guy, who is known everywhere as "Giraffe". A self-taught rock drummer whose virtuosity and musicality are often reminiscent of those of his original pendant Ian Paice (the drummer of DEEP PURPLE).

   This line-up has since given many successful concerts in and around Luxembourg, notably the "Charity Rally" of the notorious "Harley Brothers" in Grindhausen in 2003 , the "Harloweens" 2004 and 2005 by the "84 Maniacs" in Dalheim and especially the concerts with the excellent HARMONIE MUNICIPALE MONDORF-LES-BAINS, conducted by Mister Olivier Gravier-Schreiber, in Thionville(France) on the occasion of the "Télévie" charity event, at the Conservatoire de Musique de Luxembourg and at the Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains, where the group was on stage with the Harmonie to play Toshihiko Sahashi's DEEP PURPLE MEDLEY , consisting of the songs "BURN","HIGHWAY STAR" and "SMOKE ON THE WATER", with "HUSH" stuck in-between, performed by the group alone.

   In Germany, CATCH' PURPLE got noticed through its public performances at the "Waldthing" 2002 and 2004 in Deudesfeld, at the "Black Arrows Biker Festival" in Piesport 2003, several gigs at the "Kuhstall"-Rock Club in Trier-Sirzenich (invited by the german rockers THE PRIDE OF EVERY MOTHER-IN-LAW) and the "Trierer Rock-Festival" at the BBS-AULA, to name but a few... In 2007, the band was also very pleased to appear at the regionally much appreciated Lott festival in Raversbeuren.

    Other highlight were their gigs at the internationally known ATELIER in Luxembourg-City, the 17th of November 2006. Organized by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office as one of the concerts of the "Live at Vauban" festival, this Hard Rock Night featured CATCH' PURPLE and the appraised dutch Led Zeppelin tribute band PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, supported by the luxembourgish DOCTOR ROBERT BAND. The ambiance was unbelievable: the audience and the band had a magical night!

In 2009 this event was repeated and was an even bigger success that in 2006.
The final lineup change came in early 2010 when longstanding singer Freddy Seghetto was replaced with Mario Kremer from Germany. Half Mexican by conviction Mario finally gives the band it’s true “international” veneer.

And you could have a night to remember too! (-> Gigdates !)

After many ups and downs and unwanted breaks, Catch’Purple have put on their touring boots again this fall, crossed the border into France, seen, played and won over new fans and friends and in 2016, the PERFECT TRIBUTE TOUR will finally continue...


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