Detlef Schaab - Hammond Organ, Keyboard, Background Vocals

  • Nickname: "Doc Hammond"
  • born in: 1962
  • living in: Germany
  • Nationality: german
  • Origins: german
  • Slogans: "Je Oller, Je Doller!"
  • Previous Bands: Liesertal Big-Band, Blue Boys, Comet, Jo Cocker Band (Cover-Band)
  • Current side-projects:
    Crazy Crizzy and the Crizzly Beers (
    The Groovties (
    The Roxx
  • Influences: Oldies of the 60ies and 70ies; Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Deep Purple
  • Favourite albums : no particular ones
  • Equipment: Hammond B2 (1948); Kurzweil K2000; 2x Leslie 145